President Putin loses two more colonels in Ukraine

Russian president, Vladimir Putin has misplaced two extra colonels together with the nation’s ‘greatest paratroop commander’ after they have been killed in Russia’s battle in Ukraine.

Lieutenant colonel Alexander Dosyagayev, 34, was a commander of an airborne assault battalion of the 104th paratrooper regiment.

Troops from his 104th air assault regiment have been reportedly in Bucha, the scene of alleged rape and torture atrocities dedicated by Vladimir Putin’s forces earlier within the battle. His battalion primarily based in Pskov had been recognised as one of the best in Russia in its intensive fight coaching and navy self-discipline.

On the navy competition ‘Military of Russia-2021’, he was judged the winner of the Winged Infantry class.

‘I used to be stuffed with satisfaction that my troopers and officers confirmed the outcome they have been striving for,’ he mentioned.

‘This didn’t assist him at a gathering with Ukrainian warriors,’ mentioned a press release from the Kyiv armed forces.

Russian media outlet Mediazona confirmed the demise of one other colonel killed earlier within the battle which has not been introduced.

Col Vladimir Ivanov, 41, has been labelled a ‘propagandist’ by the Ukrainian media as a result of he served within the Russian defence ministry’s division of Info and Mass Communication.

It is now established that he failed in March.

A buddy Yevgeny Poddubniy carried his portrayal at a march of the’ immortal Troop’ on 9 Might commemorating Russians killed in motion in a number of conflicts.

Dosyagayev and Ivanov are the forty seventh and forty eighth colonels recognized to have failed preventing for Russian forces in Ukraine. The chance of generals is now believed to be ten.


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